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Prints weren't straight

The prints I made weren’t straight.

The surface is wobbling.

I’ve checked the tension of the belts and the pulley’s

I’ve tried several things as with pla and abs with different temperatures but I didn’t get it right.

I hope you have some useful suggestions

(1.88 MB)
(2.04 MB)
(1.87 MB)

The problem that you describe comes from a design defect of the printer, they knew the problem but will make all not to exchange you your defective printer.

 I'm getting the same problem.

I've recently tried to print the peristaltic pump made from the classic planetary gears print on Thingiverse. In the end I always get a part that destroys itself when I turn the gears because the layers are not concentric. I'm also getting crazy random layer offsets in some parts with more straightforward geometry.

I see that even after so long this machine keeps giving its users the same damn problems. Leapfrog erased all the complaints from the old forum yet they keep coming back...

I have the same problems.
First, if you're using Simplify 3D, make sure that you turn off "allow zeroing of extrusion distances" in the gCode tab. This causes part skewing depending on how many retractions occur in the print.

Beyond that I also have the waves shown in the photos. I haven't proven it yet but I'm beginning to think there may be an issue with temperature stability in the hot end. The temperature readout from the thermistor is very flat in the slicing software. However if I place a temperature probe right  on the nozzle it appears to cycle up and down quite a bit. (I need to do some more testing to verify that.) It's possible that the "thermal coupling" between the thermistor and the hot end mounting block isn't good enough. I'm certainly no expert in these things but I can't think of very many things that would cause a cyclic variation like that in the plastic flow.


I used to have 10 °C oscillations on one extruder, and it was visible in the print because it really affected the plastic. A firmware update did resolve it though.

I've tried tightening the x-axis belt as well. It's not the first time it comes loose as the front plate has bent when tightening the front bolts after dismantling the carriage for the nth time.


Thanks for the replies, where can I find the firmware?

Or most I contact support?



This can also be due to overheating of the X axis motor. Check the temperature. When it begins missing steps, you will see a drift either to the left or right.

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