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How would you rate The XEED

Can I get comments from this forums on the opinion of customer support and over machine quality

Looks like a nice printer but I have yet to see any posts from people that own one on any of the forums.


I am helping a coustumer of mine with using his new bought xeed.

We have a lot of startup problems.

The support can only be contacted by filling out a support ticket on this website.

It is impossible to contact them by thelephone , that bugs me alot.

I expected more support for a inverstment of 7000 euro's

So, for now, not so happy....

but, to end with a positive conclusion:

I am sure that when i know the machine more and have more experiance it is a fine machine...

greetings, Rob

I am considering a Replicator Z18, since they offer a 3 year 100% warranty....Not happy it only prints PLA, buy when you look at the spec's and service I think this might be a better investment


Support is better the last few days.

After transferring me to a other support employee.

We have contact true Skype, this is instant support with video, support heaven.

greetings, Rob

The z18 has the "smart extruder"  Look at this thread on the MakerBot site for more info.  As far as I know, the Exeed has the same extruders as the Creatr, have a look on this forum for information (complaints) about them.  Believe me, no 3D printer is better than it's extruders.  The mechanism can be made of pure titanium and gold but if the extruder design is bad, the printer is bad.  I bought my Creatr in 2011 and abandoned it in 2014.  It is now fitted with a Bulldog Lite extruder drive (google it) and an E3D hotend.  I downgraded it to a single extruder printer with this mod but at least I could print things.  I have since moved on and my Creatr is languishing in the shed, unused for almost two years.
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