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Creatr HS Secondary nozzle scraping the print

During a print from my right nozzle, my left nozzle scrapes the already laid down filament and causes some filament to gather on edges (see pic). I was instructed to make sure both my nozzles are at the same height and I did that. However the problem still persists.

When leveling the build plate, I use a piece of paper which measures appx 0.1 mm which means the distance between both my nozzles and my build plate is 0.1 mm. Theoretically if I print something with a z axis resolution of 0.2 mm, won't both nozzles scrape the print since the layer being added is higher than the nozzle? 

Does that mean I need to adjust the distance between my nozzle and the print bed every time I change the resolution of the print?

Dear Param,

Please adjust the extrusion multiplier to 85 percent or 0,85 in the software prior to generate the code, this should improve the quality of the printed object, especially for PLA printing, the fan at 100 percent is another option you should definitely consider. Also position of the object on the bed is very important. 

For the 1st layer the bed will lower with exactly the layer height value so if your layer height is 0,20 mm the bed will start at position +0,20 mm and adds the 0,10 mm from the calibration process.

Thanks for the clarification Cornel. That worked perfectly! I finally got a perfect high quality print on my HS!

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