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#123362 Request test / calibration model using Simplify 3D settings (or gcode) for Nylon

Hello fellow Leapfrog Users,

In the absence of finding any useful information regarding successfully printing in Nylon, I have raised this ticket.

I wonder what others thoughts and experiences have been?  As the little have had from users with years of experience and also working with the Taulmans the Nylon manufacturer where far from inspiring.

So please provide some further notes it would be good to some how validate if any of the Leapfrog printers are successfully printing in Nylon and especially how.

***** My ticket request below ****

Dear Technical Support Team,

Would you please send me the STL model FFF Profile (this is not on the website) you use to test / calibrate the Creatr HS for printing in Nylon.

Since you clearly advertise the printer as having the capability to print in Nylon and also sell Nylon filament; I would like the exact same: 

1. Models
2. Setting files or gcode.

You used including any other pertinent instruction to achieve a successful print in Nylon as I have not yet read of any stories from customers regarding successes printing in Nylon.

I look forward to receiving above requested information and initially a brief reply confirming this will be done.

Kind regards from one of your newest purchasers of a Leapfrog Creatr HS




Did you ever get a response on this?


Hi Jake, Nice to hear from you. No unfortunately I have not heard anything from Leapfeog. I will try to request an answer but I am not hopeful since there has been no feedback yet. In short I developed my own settings to get Nylon to work. Not easy given the temps at the upper limit of printers bed capability. As I've tried to push the bed temp and keep it high for Nylon the printer struggles in aided. By unaided I mean that without a enclosure around the printer to keep the temp in and around the build area up high and stable it takes an extremely long time to reach the higher bed temps. Sometimes as much 20-30 mins. I am curious what you are going to print in Nylon? I have not printed in Nylon for about 4-5 months. So I am a bit out of practise. Look forward to hearing a bit more of your story. Regards David

Hi David,

What temp do you use for the bed?  I found these settings on another forum:

240-260C Extrusion Temperature (each type of filament is slightly different. Follow manufacturer's recommendations)
70-80C Bed Temperature with PVA based glue
Speed: 30-60mm/s
.20mm-.4mm layer heights

I work for a company that makes connectors and we want to make prototype collets that are semi-functional.  Check us out at www.fastestinc.com


Hi Jake,

I use sticky labels on my bed and not tape so changes the behaviour depending on how your printer is setup. I typically aimed for 80 deg C though I found to go higher even though it should it struggled to get up above 85 deg as I don't have an enclosed environment / cover though some people just use a square plastic container to keep more heat in. I intend to build a hood to cover the top of the printer and put a sliding panel on the front of the printer to make it fully enclosed, the plus side is it will help with ABS also.

If you like I can also try printing something for you as a comparison though I don't know what your company's policy is for sending things outside without an NDA(Non Disclosure Agreement for company IP) in place.

Hope this has been of some help?

Kind regards,


Hi David,

I have an Xeed so it's somewhat enclosed.  I ran a few parts with the bed at 75 deg C, the nozzle at 240, and I used a glue stick instead of the sticky label.  It worked really well except that the parts were a little stringy.  I'm going to try to run it at 230 instead to see if that helps.

I liked the glue stick more than the labels and it was much easier to clean up.  The glue is water soluble so I just used a wet rag to clean it up!

Thanks for all the help,


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