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Other (non ABS/PLA) materials

Has anyone had any success with printing with other materials? I have laybrick, nylon and PVA and haven't managed half decent prints with any of them. I've gotten the closest with laybrick but it isn't close to being an accurate print. 

I bought Nylon from Leapfrog but it came to me without the plastic wrapping. Since Nylon easily absorbs moisture, I'm assuming that is what is causing my Nylon prints to fail. There is a huuge amount of popping during extrusion and the layers simply don't stick to each other.

As for PVA, that's one of the main reasons I bought the HS. Being able to do support structures with PVA would be huge. However I just can't get it to extrude properly.

Anyone with good settings for these materials? Also with a 0.35mm nozzle would I be able to use materials like laywood, bronzefill etc?

I've used PVA filament fine, if using the bottom end of temp range it can get a little lumpy so raide by 15 deg and now runs fine. My PVA came sealed in a plastic bag with silica gel so assume it's dry. I'm tempted to creatr several smaller reels and roll short ammounts of filament off onto them so my various filaments don't go off due moisture absorbtion. I think heating your printer bed to say 80deg and leaving a suspect roll on there for several hours, (or use an oven) would help dry out a filament roll a good bit. store in a resealable bag with silica gell.

I've got several length of the usual PLA and ABS in various colours, PVA as previously mentioned; in addition got some Ninjaflex, T-glass on order and got a roll of ColourFabb XT-CF20 (that carbon fibre filament) holding off on that for now tho as I want to get a bit more experience (I'm 2weeks in on the occassional evening) printing stuff off and using software/harware just in case I come across any problems. (Some say you need a 0.5mm tip and brass ones wear with the carbon fibre's) So far everything printing OK, using PLA temps with ABS just leaves a swurly mess...

The big one for me will be to find a 1.75mm casting wax to print things off with.

MOLDLAY / wax-alike 3D Filament

I've printed these flexible filaments: FPE, Ninjaflex, 3D2-PRO, EcoPLA.

To print these, you absolutely need to print (with ABS to withstand temperature) and replace the upper filament guide: https://github.com/chili-epfl/3d-print-objects/blob/master/stock/leapfrog-creatrhs-aftermarket-mods/leapfrog-creatrhs-extruder-filament-guide-after-motor/stl/leapfrog-creatrhs-extruder-filament-guide-after-motor.STL Without this, the flexible filament will do this very quickly: http://swindon.hackspace.org.uk/blog/how-to-3D-print-with-flexible-filaments/27.png

The second thing to do is to reduce the printing speed drastically. I mean like on the order of 1/100 if need be. The more flexible the filament, the more you need to reduce the speed. You will find my settings for these materials here: https://github.com/chili-epfl/3d-print-config/tree/master/leapfrog-creatrhs Use these at your own risk.

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