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all new Filament hybrid printer idea

HI leapfrog how about developing an all new type of 1 nozzle hybrid FDM printer system? well most is material development.. here the idea: you have just 1 nozzle, with a mixing chamber and an inkjet like dosing system integrated. the inkjet system can inject 4 colors that mix with the universal filament when melting ( so far nothing new) ok all is based on 1 universal filament that receives additives while melting in the nozzle to modify its properties. example: for the first layer a special "glue" sticky additive is injected to help stick to surface. you can imagine additives that make the filament more brittle for support structures, or make it softer or harder.. or maybe some 2 component heat reactive mixture that activates while melting.. I am no chemist so no idea where the limits are.. maybe make transparent or opaque? ( transparent base filament) make it water soluble? (probably asking too much..) or instead of additives some resin? add a UV lamp :) think it thru.. ;) mk
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