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Creatr HS printing problem

Hello, I'm new to 3D printing and I'm facing a problem. I've calibrated correctly (I think) my Creatr HS, and I'm using simplify 3D to create gcode and print from my computer. When I print small pieces, my orints seems to be ok, but I've tried to print a 5 cm diameter piece and the result is awful. See attached image. I don't know what setting is wrong in my print, so I someone faced the same problem, I need his help :) Thanks...

I've forgot, it's printed with PLA, and I've tried Simplify 3D and Creatr default settings. Same results.
I've cleaned the nozzle, recalibrated the printer, modified some parameters on my print (bed temperature, outside layers, print speed), and the result is not perfect, but way better than the first one.
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