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| Applies To Leapfrog Xeed Series
| This solution provides common frequently asked questions on LilyPrint the internal Xeed Operating Software & a changelog.



LilyPrint is the software running on the Xeed, it enables the Xeed to print gcodes from the touch screen, but can also be controlled remotely through WiFi or ethernet access. This document has some pointers on how to update and trouble shoot some common LilyPrint problems and offers information about the changes made to LilyPrint through updates. For basic starting instructions please see the Xeed Manual.

-Printer starts printing in the air or too close to the bed

The z-offset is not set correctly. Please see the Xeed Manual on section 1.3.5. 

-Files are not uploading and giver error message: File is not gcode file

This has most likely to do with the low disc space error. Find instructions here to solve the problem.

-LilyPrint fails to update

If LilyPrint fails to update through the Settings -> Update LilyPrint menu, please check if the Xeed is connected to the internet, preferably through ethernet cable. If the error still persist follow these instructions, to make sure your Xeed is ready for LilyPrint 1.2

LilyPrint Changelog

LilyPrint 1.2 -  Launched on 24/10 - Update needs additional steps to install please follow these instructions.

  • Added - z-Offset leveling script added. Script homes Z and X axis and will allow the user to set and save the z-offset by moving the bed up and down.
  • Fixed - Settings menu now updates when pressing the button instead of refreshing the browser window. Bug found by - Pierluigi
  • Fixed - 100+Mb uploads are now possible
  • Added user management. Standard user added lily with same password. Users can be added through the settings menu under 'Acces Control'. 
  • Under the hood: added plugin management system that will enable LilyPrint to get extra features in the near future.

LilyPrint 1.1

  • Added custom buttons for Quick Load and Quick Unload
  • Level bed sequence custom button

LilyPrint 1.0 

  • Initial release LilyPrint

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