The following solution article is for those looking to improve the quaility of their PLA prints.

◄About PLA Filament►

PLA (poly lactic acid) is a rigid material which requires a lower temperature for printing from any other filament. For the best results we recommend you use MAXX PLA Professional or Economy, although there are many other good brands of filament on the market - Leapfrog 3D printers print best with MAXX filament as a general rule. You can safely print most brands of MAXX PLA with a low temperature, which can safely extrude beginning at 190 degrees Celsius and the highest temperature range you should attempt to print MAXX PLA at is 240 degrees Celsius, in most cases this is far too hot.

It is important to know that MAXX PLA filament prints at different temperatures based on the color of the filament. While natural non-colored PLA can print at 190 degrees Celsius, colored MAXX PLA generally requires more heat to extrude properly from the hot end. Generally it is smart to test print and find the optimum print temperature for the color of MAXX PLA you are using.

The most important part of a MAXX PLA print is the first two or three layers. You have to make sure that they stick and stack well. Using the Perfect-Print stickers is essential to getting a strong bond to the base layer in addition you need to have your heated bed set to a temperature of 45 degrees Celsius (+ or - 5 degree depending on the environment).

When you print with MAXX PLA, after the first couple layers or if you printed a raft, you can turn the heated bed off. Leaving the heated bed on especially for prints with a large base can cause them to warp or deform.

◄MAXX PLA Printing Tips►

-Printing the first layer of MAXX PLA at a higher temperature then the rest of the model will ensure a strong lay down of the first layer.

-Generally MAXX PLA should print well at 205 degrees Celsius +/- 10 degrees

-The first 1-3 layers of MAXX PLA should be printed on a heated bed with a MAXX Perfect-Print sticker affixed at 45 degrees Celsius, turn the heat off after that.

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