Hello and thank you for choosing the Creatr HS for your printing needs.

If your prints do not stick to the printing glass there are several steps you have to check on:

The following 3 pictures describe 3 situations regarding how your first layer should look like Pic.1 and should not look like Pic.2 and Pic.3

Pic.1(good first layer clean edge and stuck to bed)

Pic.2(distance between extruder and bed is to big layers will not stick)

Pic.3(jagged edges the extruders are to close to the bed)

    1.The first thing to do is check the temperatures set for both the extruders and printing glass in the 3D slicing software's print profiles. Here's the recommended temperature settings for PLA and ABS:

Material Bed Temperature Nozzle Temperature
PLA 40-45 C° With sticker turn off bed after layer 5 210-220 C° Depending on printing speed. Lower speed is lower temperature. 
ABS 75-80 C° Keep bed on complete print 230-240 C° Depending on printing speed. Lower speed is lower temperature. 


    2.The second step is to check the pressure on the filament at the drive gears located at the back of the printer and see if the filament has pronounced grooves. In this case the pressure is to big or if there are no visible grooves what so ever and the drive gear wheel is slipping there is to little pressure.

You can adjust the pressure by loosening or tightening the knob depending on the situation located before the push button release from the drive gears as you can see in the picture below.

    3.Once you check the temperatures next up is to check the distance between the printing glass and extruders you can follow this link to see how to calibrate the extruders to the same height.

    4.If the problem persists even after you level the extruders please try to calibrate the printing glass as well. You can see how to do that by following this link.

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