Applies to Simplify 3D Software

This solution instructs you how to import recently downloaded .FFF files (also know as Print Profiles) to Simplify 3D

Initial question: Where do I need to save and/or unzip my recently downloaded .fff files?

Answer: Any place that you will remember their location.

Here's why. Simplify 3D allows you to import from any saved location on your computer!

When you open Simplify 3D, you will need to click the "ADD" button in the bottom left corner, as seen in the follow screenshot:

This will open the .FFF Settings window. You will need to click the "Import" button to the right of the Select Profile drop-down menu.

Windows version looks like this:

The Mac version looks very similar like this:

This will let you browse your computer to find the location to wherever you downloaded (and extracted, if applicable) the .FFF files.

Click on the .fff file. Click Open. Your new print profile will be imported.

Choose it from the "Select Profile" drop-down menu, and then modify the settings (if necessary) to best fit your next print.

Simplify 3D - version 3.0.1+

Instead of the import .FFF button being found in the actual .FFF Settings, you can find "Import FFF profile" in the File menu:

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