Hello and thank you for choosing the Leapfrog Xeed for your printing needs.


The following solution will instruct you on what to check when you notice the filament curled in the print head and clogged up the extruders.

1. The first step to do before starting to check the print head is to make sure you remove any filament residue from the print head. Please follow the link below and see how to open up the print head:

How to unclog the Xeed 2015 extruders and remove any filament residue from the print head drive unit.

2. The next step is to make sure the pressure on the filament is not to much and the filament is snagging in the drive units in the drawer and the ones in the print head. You can adjust it using the steel ring on the drive units;

3. Once the pressure is adjusted and there is no more filament residue try to print the model again.

If the same problem is present, the next step is to turn on the printer and see if the two fans underneath the drive units turn on and then turn on the other two using the LilyPrint interface:

4. If one of the fans is not working please check the connection for the fans as all four have the same connector.

5. If they are connected then please contact out technical support team and they will assist you with obtaining a replacement fan assembly and instructions on how to replace them.

! The bottom fans need to work in order to remove the hot air in the print head so that the filament does not absorb it and become malleable and clog the drive units. And the other set of fans is used to cool of the stepper motors of the drive units.

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