Applies to Simplify3D users looking to learn more about the settings in the .FFF Settings window. - Very Useful!

The following links are from Simplify3D's Customer Support Forum where one of their experts goes into detail explaining the settings in the .FFF Settings window. 

Leapfrog Disclaimer: All comments found in’s forums are not filtered by Leapfrog 3D printers and are, therefore, not an expression of the views held by Leapfrog 3D Printers. Please use any advice or setting recommendations from 3rd party sources such as these at your own risk.

Extruder Tab Explanation 


Layer Tab Explanation 


Additions Tab Explanation 


Infill Tab Explanation 


Support Tab Explanation 


Temperature Tab Explanation 


Cooling Tab Explanation 


G-Code Tab Explanation 


Scripts Tab Explanation 


Other Tab Explanation 


Advanced Tab Explanation 


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