Thank you for choosing the Creatr HS and Materialise software for your printing needs.

In the following solution, you will be instructed on how to install the Materialise software on your computer.

   1. You need to access the link below, in order to download the software kit. 

            Materialise Download Page


  2. Run the installer that you downloaded:


  3. After the the software is installed you need to activate the license, by copying the "system ID" on the box from the website. 



4.Check the registration details and press the request password button. 


5. Save the license key on your computer by clicking the download button.


6.Browse the license key you stored in your computer in the previous step and press the next button:


 Then, press "finish" and you are done.

 You can also access the links below in order to download the Materialise user manual for both Windows and Mac operating systems:

    Windows - Creatr 1.0 User Manual for Windows

    Mac - Creatr 1.0 User Manual for Mac

Happy printing!