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In the following solution we will provide a few tips on printing Nylon filament and also a couple of observations we would ask that you consider when printing Nylon on a Leapfrog 3D printer.

◄About Nylon Filament►

Nylon is a hygroscopic material, which means it absorbs water from the air. Nylon can absorb more than 10% of its weight in water in less than 24 hours. Successfully printing nylon requires dry filament. 

What can happen if the filament is not dry?

When you print with nylon that isn’t dry, the water in the filament explodes causing air bubbles during printing that prevents good layer adhesion (what you mentioned, the first layer stuck to the bed but the following layers did not stick to each other) this will also weaken the part not to mention the surface finish.

How can I dry my filament if I already removed it from the sealed bag?

To dry nylon, place it in an oven at 180-200F/ 85-95C for 6-8 hours.

Please note that Nylon has a tendency to warp as much as ABS.

When printing nylon, a heated bed is required. A heated bed (chamber in the case of the Xeed printer) of 70 to 75 degrees works best.

Also do not use layer cooling fans and avoid drafty or cool rooms for best results.


◄Recommend Print Settings►

240-260°C Extrusion Temperature (each type of filament is slightly different. Follow manufacturer's recommendations.)

70-80°C Bed Temperature

Speed Setings: 30-60 mm/s

0.20 mm-0.3 mm layer heights

Nylon will come enclosed in a plastic bag. What you can do to try and avoid the filament absorbing moisture is to poke a hole in the bag and pull the tip of the filament through that hole living the spool inside the bag while printing. That way you can limit the exposure of the filament to the environment.
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