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The following solution will explain a few steps you need to take in order to print ABS and PLA filament on your Leapfrog printer;


1. First let us talk about PLA filament:


- for PLA printing we suggest a extrusion temperature of 220 degrees, active cooling always on and the heated bed turned off either from the very beginning or after the first 2 to 3 layers;


- the reason for this is becuase the PLA can stick to a cold bed, you do not need the bed to stay heated up all the way throguh the print.


- always use a print sticker or adhesive material on the surface of the bed otherwise your prints will not stick properly;

2. Next up ABS:

- for ABS you need a extrusion temperature of 240 degrees, a heated bed of above 70 degrees and active cooling turned off ( please note the bed should not be used over 90 degrees. As stated on the website the bed should be used up to 90 degrees).

- for adhesion to the bed make sure to use a print sticker or adhesive material and in some case you will have to use a raft in order to avoid warping and the part detaching from the bed;

Tips on How to Avoid Warping with Your Printed Models

Hopefully these tips will improve your printing experience;


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