This solution article is to provide steps on reinstalling LilyPrint Software on the Xeed 2015, specifically for users that have been provided a LilyPrint USB stick from our Technical Support Team.

If you feel that you are experiencing problems with your LilyPrint software, please contact Leapfrog Technical Support by clicking the New Support Ticket link at the top (or bottom) of this page. Be sure to include a short video showing on the Xeed printer what the issue is. If the video is larger than 15MB, please instead send a download link in the ticket for a free file sharing website.

Before beginning: Please unscrew the 6 screws on top of the printer to have access to the internal PC of the printer. Please make sure that you verify which brand of internal PC you have (Shuttle, Zotac, or Gigabyte) as you will use this information in step 4 below.

Connect the USB stick provided by Technical Support containing the LilyPrint software into one of the back USB ports of the Xeed 2015 3D printer. 

Connect a USB keyboard into the other USB port on the back of the printer.

If your printer is currently on and LilyPrint is still functioning, select the Reboot option from the System menu at the top of the software application. Otherwise, you can power on the printer.

As soon as the screen goes dark, repeatedly press the one of the following F-keys on the keyboard to get to a boot menu (depending on the model of the internal CPU):

F7 - Shuttle PC

F8 - Zotac PC

F12 - Gigabyte PC

 The boot screen should stop loading and be waiting for the user to select the boot option. 

Using the arrow keys on the keyboard, select the boot option that appears to be a USB memory stick; press the Enter key on the keyboard. This will eventually get to a screen with the big word "Clonezilla" at the bottom in a crazy looking font. You will be prompted to press Enter on the keyboard here as well to select the only option available.

The internal PC will start the re-installation process: a series of black screens and blue screens should appear with many lines of commands being carried out. The total time from selecting the USB stick to the moment you are next prompted is roughly 5 minutes.

The PC will show that the software has been 100% installed and will prompt you to do two things:

  • Remove the LilyPrint USB memory stick from the back of the Xeed printer.
  • Press Enter on the keyboard.
Do so to move on to the next step.

The internal computer will shut down now (rather than rebooting). When this occurs, you'll see a brief blue screen that says "NO SIGNAL" and then a black screen. Therefore, you now need to unscrew the top lid of the Xeed and press the power on button on the internal PC (see video below). This applies to all types of internal computers on the Xeed 2015.

Now, LilyPrint will reboot. Congratulations! The LilyPrint software is now installed.

However, the final step will be to get the latest firmware for the printer and install it. You can find instructions on how to do that by clicking on the following link: How to Flash the Latest Firmware for Your Xeed 2015 3D Printer

Now that you've read all of the instructions, here is a video of the whole process (edited to save time) except for the firmware installation (the above link already has a video showing this):

Please note that the video is for an Xeed printer that has a Zotac internal PC. Therefore, at video marker 0:23, we tell you to repeatedly press F8 on the keyboard to get a boot menu. As stated in step 4 in our article above, your boot key will depend on your Xeed's internal PC brand. If F8 doesn't work please see remove the top panel of the printer (you'll need to anyways) and look at the brand of internal PC (which you can see at video marker 2:53 when they are powering the Zotac back on (your Xeed's internal PC will be located in the same spot as the Zotac in this video).

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