This solution provides the information needed on how to upload Creatr HS software image on an SD card.

When would you use this? Rarely, you may experience a issue with your Stand Alone display. Inside your printer, you have roughly five electronics boards, one of which is the Olimex board located directly under the Motherboard. The Olimex mainly deals with providing you an image on your HS's Stand Alone display. There is an SD memory card located in a slot at the back of the Olimex board that contains a file used to make the display work properly.

Now, the Olimex board has 2 LED lights (green and red); the red indicates that the Olimex board is receiving power, and the green indicates that the SD card is being read. We have provided this link to help get you on your way to troubleshooting the issue if your display does not work and you find that the green LED light is NOT illuminated when the printer is powered up.

Let's get started!

Download the software image file

First remove the back panel of the printer so that you gain access to the location of the SD card and remove it; (follow the link below to see the layout of the olimex board)

Layout of the Creatr HS Series Motherboard, Olimex Board, and Print Head PCB Connections

Please check and see whether your Olimex board has a big A13 chip or a big A20 chip directly in the middle of it:


 Software Image for A13:  A13_sd_2015_01_05
Software Image for A20: A20_sd_2015_07_24

Download and install Win32 Disk Imager

Click on the following link to download Win32 Disk Imager:

Win32 Disk Imager

Select image file and device

Click on the highlighted button (see image below) then select the path where you downloaded the .img file.

Insert your SD card into an SD card reader connected to the PC. Click on the highlighted button (see image below) then select the device (SD card).

Write image

After both .img file and device are selected click on the Write button then wait until the following message appears:

After the message "Write Successful" you can remove the SD card and insert it back into the Olimex board.

Install the Latest Updates

The final step will be to install the latest updates; they must be done in the following order: