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| Applies To Leapfrog Creatr Series Single, Dual & XL:

| This solution instructs you how to resolve the failure to move to the "home position" before printing.


1. Please watch the attached video to confirm your printers symptoms match this solution.

2. If your machine reacts like that when you press the X Home button inside the software, you will have to replace the X axis end micro switch and/or the wiring for it, in order to fix the problem.

The same applies to the Y direction, the carriage will move in small steps to the back of the machine when the Y Home command is pressed if the micro switch is defective and not working properly. 

As a temporary solution you can move the printing head by hand, all the way to the furthest front-left position, before the printing process starts.

3. Please open a support ticket and request a replacement end switch.



Component Photo Diagram For Reference: