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| Applies To Leapfrog Xeed Series
| This solution provides resolution to the "black screen/white cursor" error in LilyPrint on your Leapfrog Xeed 3D Printer.

If LilyPrint is not starting any more and shows a black screen with a white blinking cursor it is very likely an error regarding no disk space. It occurs in earlier versions of LilyPrint. The main solution is posted here but there are some additional steps you have to take to follow those instructions. Since LilyPrint won't start any more we need to start up in recovery mode to make the alterations.

During the start up of the machine there is a menu for a short period of time it offers two options. Press the down arrow to select the option that has "(Recovery mode)" at the end of it.

When the boot messages appear enter the root password: lpfrg

A shell screen should appear with the following text:




Now follow the instruction in the other solution from Forcing new log files and removing the old section.

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