503 Service Unavailable Error

LilyPrint 1.2 needs extra software package to be installed. When updating without the package the software will not start and give a 503 Service unavailable error. This solution will guide you through the steps to install the software package (python-dev) and install LilyPrint 1.2


  1. USB Keyboard
  2. USB Mouse
  3. Internet connection through Ethernet or Wifi on the Xeed.
  4. This guide

Starting Terminal Application

  1. Plug in mouse and keyboard
  2. Press F11 to exit fullscreen browser
  3. In the left top corner click Applications - > Accessories -> Terminal to start terminal application

A white terminal window with black letters should appear. It could be possible that the LilyPrint browser will take over the screen again. Use alt+tab to navigate back to the terminal window if this occurs.

Installing Package python-dev

Issue the following commands, make sure you have internet connection!

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get -y install python-dev

When prompted for the password enter: lily

Updating LilyPrint after Software Package Install

After this, install the new LilyPrint. Issue the following command. Your browser may cut of the last part: it is requirements.txt, some browsers may cut off ".txt":


cd /home/lily/OctoPrint && git pull && sudo pip install -r requirements.txt