In order to get a solid and good looking print is very important that the first layer is printed correctly on the printing surface of the acrylic bed. This is the reason why the Z OFFSET value is an important characteristic for the Xeed. The following tutorial will present to you the best way to find the correct value for this offset.

1. First step is to LEVEL the bed using LilyPrint software. This step will ensure that the surface of the bed will be as flat as possible.

2. Next step is to bring the bed at Z HOME position using the Z controls in LilyPrint software.

3. This step is optional but recommended. If you already have an idea of where you will print the object you can move the printing head at that location using the X/Y controls panel in the LilyPrint software.

4. On this step we will measure the offset in between the surface of the bed and the tip of the nozzles using a feeler gauge. Any measuring tool can be used but the feeler gauge (0.1mm) is very accurate when used correctly.

5. Next step is to make sure the Z offset value you determined is saved, for that go to LilyPrint Settings and Z offset;

6. If after step 5 the Z offset is not perfect that value can be adjusted. By adding small increments of 0,05 mm the bed will get closer to the nozzles.