This solution instructs you how to manually configure Simplify 3D for optimum quality output with the Creatr HS.

The next Simplify 3D update will have these settings included but for now please follow these instructions  to print PLA successfully with the Creatr HS.


First download the zip file with the settings attached to this solution, you can find them attached below. Extract them to a known location, for example your Documents folder.  

Download - PLA

Download - ABS

Open Process Manager

Open Simplify3D and double click a process. If there is not process first click "Add".

Import .FFF Setting File (The Older Versions)

Import the .FFF file into the Simplify3D settings database by pressing Import. Once imported the setting will always be available to be selected for a print. Repeat this step for each setting file. 

Import .FFF Setting File (The Newer Versions)

Importing .FFF settings in Simplify3D v.3.0 or higher is a little different. Instead of going into the .FFF Settings, you can find the option to Import FFF profile in the File menu:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some of these profiles have an Extrusion Multiplier (Extruder tab of the .FFF Settings) of 0.95. If you have recently updated your printer's software and firmware, 0.95 will cause under extrusion; with the new updates, please save a value of 1.0 in the Extrusion Multiplier field. Unfortunately, all .GCODE files created before these updates may no longer work properly. The .STL will need to be re-sliced with the correct settings. Why keep the out of date profiles? Some customers would rather not upload the latest updates for their printer - how it runs is fine with them. However, if that's not you, and you would like to update, please check out the following links on how to update your Creatr HS series printer:

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