This article is for Simplify3D users that may be experiencing shifting of print models.

If you are using an older version of Simplify3D, you may experience occasionally a part that is printing shifted. This usually happens when you try to print with support material or when printing multiple objects at the same time. 

Example of shifted print:

Of course we would recommend that you update to one of the latest versions of Simplify3D, but for some customers that can no longer find their original purchasing voucher, this may be a problem. Therefore, doing the following can usually help resolve the issue.

Open Simplify 3D and edit your current "process" settings by double clicking the process and selecting the G-code tab.

Once in the G-code tab, you need to uncheck the "Allow zeroing of the extrusion distances" option and check the "Relative extrusion distances" option (see photo below):

This should resolve the issue.

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