Hello and thank you for choosing the Creatr HS / HS XL for your printing needs.

The following solution will instruct you on how to align your Creatr HS / HS XL extruders.


    For the steps that you will need to take in order to align the extruders you will have to have at your disposal the following: 

  • a number 2 Allen key; 
  • and a connection between the printer and the Simplify 3D / Creatr software on your PC.

Remove the fanduct and filaments

    The first step in aligning your extruders is to remove the fan duct from it`s slot under the extruder carriage. After that heat up the extruders, in order to remove any remaining filament from within and also wipe the nozzles.


Extruders and nozzles not clean?

    To see how to properly clean your extruders and nozzles please follow the link.

Lowering the extruders

    After removing the fan duct and filaments allow  the extruders time to cool down and only after they are cool can you lower them by loosening the grub screws at the top of the extruder as you can see in Pic.1 where you will use the number 2 Allen key.


Using the Z home command to align extruders

   When the grub screws are loose apply light pressure on the extruders and move them down a bit. When both extruders are down move the extruder carriage to the middle of the printing glass and use the Z Home command from Simplify 3D / Creatr software to raise the extruders to the same height as shown in Pic.2.


Before you tighten the extruders

    Now gently press both extruders until they are in contact with the printing glass, once you do this start tightening both extruders but DO NOT MOVE OR PUT PRESSURE on the extruder carriage because this will result in an inadequate gap between the extruders and printing glass.

    If you do not succeed on your first try just loosen the extruders, lower them and repeat the process untill both are at the same height.

    Once you have followed these steps you can apply the printing sticker, load your filament and start printing.

Thank you for reading the solution and for any other issues please do not hesitate to contact our Leapfrog Support Team.

We wish you happy printing!