Hello and thank you for choosing the Creatr HS for your printing needs.

The solution applies for the Creatr HS, Creatr HS Lite, Creatr HS XL;

The following solution will instruct you on how to properly clean and prepare your Creatr HS series heated bed.


    For the steps that you will need to take in order to clean the heated bed you will have to have at your disposal the following:

  • a putty knife; 
  • 2 pieces of cloth;
  • a bottle of glass cleaner (or some abrasive soap);
  • a plastic card.

Condition of the Sticker

    The first step is to inspect the printing sticker and see if you can still use it. The print sticker is used to make sure the print material will stick to the print bed. Without a print sticker, adhesion is not possible. 

    To lower the bed in order to have access to the entire surface you need to either connect the printer to the PC and then using the jog controls in the Simplify3D or Materialise software lower the bed until you have enough room to do the steps presented below OR download the .ZIP file attached to this article, and run the Print Bed Lower for Maintenance .GCODE file via the Stand Alone USB menu option:

    You can re-use them until there is no space left that is undamaged. We advise you to position your object on an undamaged part of the printing sticker. If the sticker is damaged or the surface is crimped like in Pic.1 you can no longer use it and you have to replace it.

.                                                  Pic.1

Replacing the Damaged Sticker

    Download and run the Print Bed Lower for Maintenance .GCODE file (found in the .ZIP file attached to this article).The bed and print head will move to provide you better access. Then, heat up the bed to at least 30 degrees Celsius and then remove the sticker (heating up the bed before you remove the sticker helps to avoid any major glue deposits on the heated bed). 

    After you heat up the bed lift up a corner Pic.2 of the sticker and start pealing it off, but do not rush if you try to peal it to fast the sticker might tear.


Removing the Glue Residue From the Bed

    In order to remove the sticker glue apply sticker remover or glass cleaner on the heated bed. Make sure you remove all of the printing sticker and the glue left behind so you will have a clean surface to work with Pic.3. 
    Any residue left behind could affect the quality of your print so after using the first piece of cloth to remove the glue use the second one to wipe down the bed just in case any residue remains.


Applying the New Printing Sticker

    After you clean the bed let it cool down and only then begin applying the new sticker Pic.4. After you adjust the position of your stiker on the bed, you can take of the small part of the sticker. Use a plastic card to apply the sticker, work from the inside to the outside and avoid air bubbles. 

    Once you have finished with the small part move on to the big part removing it slowly, and again use a plastic card to apply it working from the inside to the outside in order to avoid air bubbles.


You are Done!

  After you have cleaned your heated bed and your printing sticker has been properly applied you can load your filament and begin printing.

Thank you for reading the solution and for any other issues please do not hesitate to contact our Leapfrog Support Team.

We wish you happy printing!