Hello and thank you for choosing the Creatr HS for your printing needs.

The following solution will instruct you on how to properly clean your Creatr HS extruders.


We would ask you to please keep in mind that the temperature of the extruders may cause burns if there is direct contact between the extruders and skin.


In order to properly clean the extruders of your Creatr HS you will require the following:

  • a wire brush;
  • a piece of cloth;
  • a number 2 and 1.5 Allen key;
  • a pair of pliers;
  • a number 7 wrench;
  • acetone and a bowl.

Remove the Fan Duct and Filament

    The first step is to remove the fanduct from underneath the extruder carriage, then heat up the extruders to around 200 degrees Celsius and remove any filament that may have been used. 

Extruders are Clogged?

    If your extruders are clogged please follow this link and see how to resolve this issue.


Getting Started 

    Heating up the extruders will also help you clean them easier and more of the residue from the extruders will be removed when using the wire brush on them Pic.1


Safety First

  Bear in mind the high temperature of the extruders when you are cleaning them, therefore, in order to prevent any possible burns, avoid direct contact of the skin with the surface of the extruders 

Do Not Forget About the Nozzles

    When cleaning the extruders you should also pay attention to the nozzles because it is important not to have any residue on them wich may lead to scratches on the print sticker or on the print itself. You can see the results of cleaning the extruders and nozzles in Pic.2


You Can Also Try This Option

    If you have more time and want to clean the extruders more you could also use an acetone bath. In order to do this you have to remove the resistor and thermistor from the extruder before you can detach it completely from the carriage.

     First remove the extruder by loosening the grub screw from the upper side as shown in the picture below Pic.3


Removing the Heat Cartridge (Resistor)

    Once the extruder is out the next step is removing the resistor. You do this by loosening the grub screw with the 1.5 Allen key as you can see in the picture Pic.4


Removing the Thermistor

    To remove the thermistor you will have to use a number 7 wrench and unbolt it from behind the extruder as you can see in the picture above Pic.4

Next is the Acetone Bath

    Once the extruder is free place it in a bowl and pour acetone over it until you submerge it and leave it soaking for about 30 minutes. When 30 minutes have passed check and see if you have any residue on the extruder if it is not clean move it around in the acetone a bit and lleave it to soak some more Pic.5.


The Extruders are Clean

    Once your extruders and nozzles are clean you will attach the thermistors then resistors in this order. After that you can reattach the extruders to the carriage, attach the fanduct, load filaments heat extruders and bed and start printing.

Remember, anytime you adjust your nozzles or the height of your extruders, you will need to align the height of your extruders again and possibly re-level your print bed:

How to Align Your Creatr HS Extruders

How to Calibrate Your Creatr HS Heated Bed

Thank you for reading the solution and for any other issues please do not hesitate to contact our Leapfrog Support Team.

We wish you happy printing!