In this solution you will be instructed on how to change your Creatr HS/ HS XL/ HS Lite printhead fans.


    To change the fans you will require the following tools:

  • a number 2.5 and number 3 Allen key;
  • a flat head screwdriver.
    The first step is to stop the printer and remove the filament tubes from the printhead and the fanduct from the slot under the printhead. Next cut off the bracket that holds the drag chain in place Pic.1 then disconnect the end of the drag chain as you can see in Pic.2



    The second step is to unbolt the front screw located on the printhead using the number 2.5 Allen key and remove the housing of the printhead as you can see in Pic.3


    Once you remove the housing you will have access to all the connections for the printhead ( fan, thermistor, resistor connections). If you want to replace the fan located at the top of the printhead use the number 3 Allen key to unbolt it and then disconect it from the printhead. You can see which connection is for the top fan in the picture below Pic.4 or simply follow the wires from the fan.The number 1 connector is for the bottom fan and the number 2 connector for the top fan.


    If the bottom fan is the one not working disconnect it from the printhead and then using the flat head screwdriver to unbolt it from the printhead as shown in Pic.5


    After removing the defective fan take the replacement, bolt it back up onto the printhead and then connect it. Once you have done and checked that the connections are ok you can mount back the housing of the printhead.
     Also do not forget to put back the fanduct and the filament tubes to their rightful place.

Thank you for reading the solution and for any other issues please do not hesitate to contact our Leapfrog Support Team.

We wish you happy printing!