Hello and thank you for choosing the Creatr HS for your printing needs.

If your bed does not reach the temperature value you have set in the g-code, there are a few steps you need to check:

[!!Before you begin!! Please take extra care of your personal safety to help prevent risk of shock.]

1. First, please check if the bed thermistor is reading the ambient room temperature before you try to heat the bed up.

- if the thermistor is reading the ambient room temperature then it means it is working properly(you can compare the reading of the bed thermistor to the reading from the left and right extruder thermistors).

- if the thermistor does not read the ambient room temperature, then it means that either the thermistors connection is in the wrong spot on the motherboard, or it has malfunctioned. You can check the motherboard connection by using the motherboard layout found in the following link:

Layout of the Creatr HS Series Motherboard, Olimex Board, and Print Head PCB Connections

If the connection is good, please skip to the bottom where we request certain information in when opening a new ticket on this subject.

2. If the thermistor is working properly, please check the following:

- Use a voltmeter to measure the output from the PSU(power supply) and see if it is between 23V and 24V. If the voltage is ok next up turn on the heated bed and the hot ends and then measure the voltage output again. If the value drops underneath 20 V then there is a consumer which is drawing out to much voltage.

- If the voltmeter is reading 24 V, this means that your PSU  is also working properly. Therefore, the wires of the bed need to be checked for proper contact on the board. To do this, open the interior electronics dust cover plate to gain access to the board, and see if the wires are properly connected:

- You should also check the connectors underneath the bed support and make sure they are connected all the way through:

- If you follow all the mentioned steps and you still encounter temperature issues, then the way to resolve this issue is to replace the heated bed. 

In this case, the most likely reason why the bed will not reach the desired temperature is because the resistor of the bed is unable to deliver enough power.

After following these steps, please open a support ticket (if you do not currently have one open on the issue) and confirm with one of our technical support agents that you've done this check correctly. The fastest way to do this, is by having a short video of you checking the voltage while the bed is set to heat. If you found that the issue was a bad thermistor reading earlier, please make a video of the Stand-Alone display showing a "0" temperature reading and then showing the connection on the motherboard. If the video is less than 15 MB, you can upload it to the ticket; if it is more than 15 MB, you can use a free file sharing website to upload your video and send us the download link in the new ticket that you create.

For further information on how to replace the heated bed please read the link bellow and follow the mentioned steps:

How to replace your Creatr HS heated bed

 Thank you for reading the solution and, for any other issues, please do not hesitate to contact our Leapfrog Support Team.


We wish you happy printing!