Hello and thank you for choosing the Creatr HS for your printing needs.


In the following solution we will show you how to replace the Ribbon cable sub assembly.


- a number 2 and a number 2.5 Allen key;

- and a flat head screwdriver.

1. First turn off the printer and remove the power cable from the power plug of the printer;

2. Second remove the mounting bracket that holds the drag chain in place(see Pic.1) then remove the drag chain(Pic.2)



3. Now use the 2.5 Allen key and remove the printhead housing to gain access to where the cables are connected in the printhead(Pic.3)


4. Now remove the connector (Pic.4) for the cables so you can start working your way down to the motherboard.


5. After disconnecting the cables you can remove the next black drag chain(Pic.5 and Pic.6):



6.Now you can disconnect the wires from the motherboard(Pic.7 and Pic.8):



7. Once the wires are disconnected remove the black coiled cable(Pic.9) that is holding the wires together and start retracing your steps and connect the replacement wires respecting the color code you can see in the pictures from this solution.


8. Once you connect the cables and bolt everything back into place you can start the printer back up and start printing.

Thank you for reading the solution and for any other issues please do not hesitate to contact our Leapfrog Support Team.


We wish you happy printing!