Hello and thank you for choosing the Creatr HS for your printing needs.


The following solution will instruct you on how to change your Creatr HS PCB.



For the steps that you will need to take in order to change your PCB you will need the following:

  • small slot screwdriver
  • 2.5 Allen key

Remove Top Cover

First you have unscrew the front bolt (Pic.1) using the 2.5 Allen key.


After the front part of the cover is loose, remove the 4 back screws (Pic.2) using the 2.5 Allen key.


After all screws are removed, lift the front of the cover pushing the back downwards (Pic.3).


 Unplug all the Wires and Replace the PCB

Once the cover is loose and you have access to the PCB and wires, unplug all of them (Pic.4). To unplug the heater cartridge you will need the small slot screwdriver.


After all the wires are unplugged, using the 2.5 Allen key unscrew the 3 bolts that hold the PCB (Pic.5) and replace it with the new board.


Be careful not to lose the 3 spacers between the PCB and the metal plate! (Pic.6)


Assemble the Top Cover Back Together

After the new PCB is in place, plug all the wires back in their slots (Pic.4), tighten the 4 back screw using the 2.5 Allen key (be careful that the ribbon cable should be inserted first to the slit (Pic.7))


Once the ribbon cable is in place do the reverse movement from Pic.3, then screw the front bolt from Pic.1.

Thank you for reading the solution and for any other issues please do not hesitate to contact our Leapfrog Support Team.


We wish you happy printing!