Hello and thank you for choosing the Xeed for your printing needs.

The following solution will instruct you on how to align or replace your Xeed y-axis belt.




For the steps that you will need to take in order to replace your Xeed Y-belt, you will need the following tools: 

  • No. 2.5 Allen key
  • No. 3 Allen key
  • No. 5 Allen key

Remove the Top Cover

Using a 2.5 Allen key, you need to remove the six screws in order to have access to the y-axis belt (see Pic.1):


Loosening the Belt

After the top cover is removed, you will need a No. 3 Allen key to unscrew the two bolts holding the y-axis belt tightly to the metal block (see Pic.2):


Note: You have to make sure that the belt is centered on the small metal plate (see Pic.3):


Note: There is a modification that was later made on the Xeed 2015 where an open belt is being used for the y-axis movement. For the replacement of the belt on this version the same steps need to be followed, with an addition at "Loosening the belt" (see image below), this step must be done twice.

Removing the Belt

Once the belt is loosened you will need a No. 5 Allen key to unscrew this bolt (see Pic.4) in order to remove the belt.


Aligning the Belt

Once the belt is replaced and aligned properly you will have to tighten back the screws from steps 1 and 2. The final result should be like this:

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