Thank you for choosing the Creatr HS for your printing needs.

In the following solution, you will be instructed on how to update the software for your Creatr HS display.

!ATTENTION! Before attempting to update the software remove the side panels and have a look at the electronic motherboard and check if the board matches the one in the picture below:

If you have a board like the one below the software update IS NOT NEEDED. If you try to install the software it will render the printer INOPERATIVE.


  • USB memory stick.

To update your Creatr HS Display Software, do the following:

Download the Creatr_1.4.5c.jar file which can be found attached to this solution and copy the file onto a USB stick. If you have trouble with the .JAR file, there is a .ZIP folder attached with the same .JAR file in it.

Turn on the printer and disconnect it from the PC to enable stand-alone.

Place the USB in the front panel of the printer and select the USB stick as you can see in the picture below:


The next step is to select the “Creatr_1.4.5.jar” and load it to the printer:

The screen will remain static for about 30 seconds. It will then briefly show a background screen and reboot automatically. The whole installation takes roughly 3 minutes. It is possible that the Creatr HS will not reboot automatically, please reboot manually by turning the printer off and on. If the screen remains black for more than 5 minutes, turn the printer off and on, and check the Information menu option to verify that the update was successfully loaded:

(Pictures shows older version 1.4.2)

Finally, It is recommended that you also upload the latest firmware at this point:  Flash new firmware on the Creatr HS

Congratulations! The new Creatr HS Stand-Alone software is installed! You can check the Creatr HS Stand-Alone software version in the info menu.