Hello and thank you for choosing the Creatr HS for your printing needs.


   The following solution will instruct you on how to change the filament drive units on the Creatr HS.


    For the steps presented below, you will need a 2,5 Allen key. 


Unplug the power cable of the printer and then remove the back panel of the printer:


Take out the push in couplings with the guiding tubes:

You need to unscrew the two screws from the picture, holding the motor to make sure that it does not fall:     

Disconnect the motor cable. The drive unit can then be removed:

Once the old drive unit is out, you can replace it with the new drive unit. If you received only the motor, remove the quick-release knob and pressure wheel mount along with the drive gear from the old motor's axle. Mount these on the new, replacement motor.

Finally, install everything back using the previous instructions in reverse order.

! Remember to connect the stepper motor wires; otherwise, the drive unit will not work!

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