This solution link will help you flash the most recent version of firmware for your Xeed  2015 3D printer. (This does not work for the older model Xeed)

Your Xeed printer has to have the same printhead as in the picture below:

If you are wondering which version of firmware the printer currently has, you can perform a quick test:

In the g-code terminal screen, enter the g-code command M115, and send it.

    If you do not see a current firmware version, that means that you do not have the latest version and need to flash it.

    If you do see the firmware version, compare it to the version attached to the bottom of this solution.

One issue with the 2.3 firmware version:

(Note the slanting columns.)

Printed again with the 2.4 version:

(Both attempts were printed with PLA using Creatr 2.0 Software BETA slicing software.)

To flash the new firmware:

1) Download the zip file attached to this solution.

2) Extract the zip file's contents and save the extracted files to a USB stick. Alternatively, you can connect your PC directly to your Xeed printer.

3) (If using a USB stick) Insert the USB stick into one of the available USB ports located on the back of the printer.

4) In LilyPrint, click the "Settings" menu in the top right corner.

5) From the menu that appears on the left-hand side of the display, find the option tab "Flash Xeed Firmware" and select it.

6) Find the Browse button and click it. 

7) If the button directly under the Browse button says "Disconnect" you must click this to disconnect the Machine Controls from LilyPrint. Otherwise, clicking "Flash" in step 9 will probably not do anything. After clicking it, the button will change to "Connect."

8) Search for the .HEX file in the location that you extracted and saved it, and click Open.

9) Click the Flash Firmware button and let it run through the process. 

***IF you do not see anything happen, make sure that you checked step 7 correctly; if it still doesn't do anything see the following solution link:

What to do if the Firmware Won't Flash on Your Xeed Printer

10) When you see the blue boxes in the status area change from blue to yellow to green, the flashing will be done. CLICK SAVE to save the new firmware to the system.

A video of STEPS 6-10 can be seen here:

From now on, if you ever need to know which firmware version your Xeed printer is currently using, you can enter the g-code M115 into the appropriate area in the Terminal Tab and the communication window will display the firmware information.

There are a few instances where Xeed firmware doesn't want to flash correctly. Please find more information below:

There are a few instances where Xeed firmware doesn't want to flash correctly.

Usually, people notice it around STEP 09 of the following solution link: How to flash the latest firmware for your Xeed 3D printer

If you browse for the firmware, click the "disconnect" button to disconnect the software from the printer controls, but nothing happens when you click the "Flash" button, here is a good solution to try to help resolve this issue.

Here are the steps:

STEP 01: Connect a keyboard to a USB port in the back.

STEP 02: Make sure the printer is connected to the internet.

STEP 03: Close the browser with Alt+F4

STEP 04: Open terminal window: Application -> Accessories -> Terminal

STEP 05: Type the following:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install avrdude

STEP 06: Push enter and then type lily as the password (if prompted).

Linux will now re-install "avrdude," the program that LilyPrint uses to flash firmware.

STEP 07: Attempt to re-flash the firmware using the following solution link: How to flash the latest firmware for your Xeed 3D printer

That should resolve the issue!

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