Hello and thank you for choosing the Leapfrog Xeed for your printing needs.

The following solution will instruct you on how to unclog the hot ends on your Leapfrog Xeed 2015 3D printer.


- a number 1.5 , 2 , 2.5 and 3 Allen key, a pair of pliers and a number 8 wrench;

1. Before you start to unclog the hot ends you need to first make sure there are no broken pieces of filament in the print head or in the print head drive units. To check this please refer to the link below and see how to gain access to the interior of the print head:

How to Remove Filament Residue from the Print Head Drive Units on Your Leapfrog Xeed 2015 3D Printer

2. Once you make sure there is no filament in the print head you can direct your attention to the hot ends. First make sure the hot ends are not warm to avoid any burns on the surface of your hands ( let the hot ends cool down before you try to remove them);

3. Now remove the nozzles of the hot ends using the pliers to hold the hot and in place and the number 8 wrench to unscrew the nozzles;

4. Removing the hot ends from the print head is actually quite simple. Using the number 2 Allen key loosen the grub screw holding each hot end in place and pull them out of the print head;

5. At this point pull out the hot ends and let them hang underneath the printhead. Once you do this please heat up the hot end and using a number 1.5 Allen key push through the hot tube until all the filament residue is removed;

6. Once the hot tube is clear of filament, stop heating the hot ends and let them cool down before screwing back the nozzles. Once the nozzles are tightened you can insert the hot ends back into the printhead and then use the Z home command to push the hot ends in the printhead and tighten the grub screws to lock the hot ends in place.

7. The final steps before printing is to do a bed level calibration and adjusting the Z offset( follow this link for instructions on how to adjust the Z offset)

Now that everything is clean and back into place you can get back to printing.

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