This solution link is provided for those who have ordered cooling fans for their Creatr HS filament drive units.

Prior to being able to do these steps, you will need to remove the filament drive units from the printer so that the fans can be mounted. Steps to doing this can be done by partially following the instructions in the following solution link: How to Replace the Drive Unit on Creatr HS

You will need to remove both filament drive units from the printer. To do this:

-A- Unload any filament that is in the left and right extruders [Preheat the extruders to 220 degrees first. Either use the Unload Filament option on the printers display, use a retract button when the printer is connected to a 3D printer program's Machine/Manual Controls, or hold the pressure pin on the drive unit out while slowly pulling the filament with your hand from under the print bed).


-B- Unscrew the Filament Tube Couplings from the top of the filament drive units.

-C- Keeping the lower filament tube couplings screwed into the filament drive units, simply disconnect both of the lower filament tubes from their tube couplings.

-D- Holding the filament drive unit to keep it from falling and hitting the print bed glass, unscrew the top 2 hex screws holding the filament drive unit connected to the top of the printer (see the second picture above). 

-E- Disconnect the filament drive unit motor power cable on the back side of the filament drive unit. (Pictured here, the back panel is removed to gain better access):

The drive unit should now be able to be removed. Do this with the other drive unit as well.

Install the fans onto the drive unit.

-A- In the package you should have received 4 hex screws, 2 for each fan. Thread the screws (but do not tighten them yet) on the bottom side of each filament drive unit as seen in the photo. You should be able to tell which side is the bottom because you should have left the filament tube coupling in the bottom. (However, these photos do not show that coupling):

-B- Position the cooling fan on the filament drive unit according to the picture. Make sure the wire is coming out the front, and the bottom notches in the fan mount slide around the two recently installed screws on the bottom:

The screws that hold the entire drive unit to the top of the printer will hold the top of the fan mount in place. Once the fan looks positioned properly, tighten the two  bottom screws to prevent any unnecessary rattling noise. Do this with the other cooling fan too.

Re-install both filament drive units (now with cooling fans mounted) one at a time on the printer.

-A- Reconnect the motor cable.

-B- Screw in the two top frame screws.

-C- Connect the lower filament tube into the filament tube coupling.

-D- Screw in the top filament tube coupling with tube.

Remove the side panels and interior dust cover. If you have left the project and come back to it, PLEASE, AGAIN, MAKE SURE THE POWER CABLE IS DISCONNECTED FROM THE BACK OF THE PRINTER.

The interior dust cover:

Feed the cable extension wires to the proper connectors on the fan. You'll notice one of the connection wires on the extension is longer than the other. The longer one goes to the left cooling fan; the shorter one goes to the right cooling fan. 

You will want to start with the tail at the power supply unit, and feed the left cable extension wire under/behind the back z-axis spindle, and behind all of the cables, all the way to the bottom-back-left corner frame. You can then run this cable extension all the way up to the top-back-left corner and connect it with the left filament drive unit cooling fan. The right connection wire can be run up the bottom-back-right corner to the top-back-right corner and connected to the right fan. Connect the fans to the extension, and tuck the wire connection and wires inside the vertical frame corners.

(NOTE: You may want to use some electrical tape to tape these connections together.)

Connect the 'tail' end of the cable extension to the Power Supply Unit: The BLACK need to be screwed in under a NEGATIVE ("-") Pole. The RED need to be screwed in under a POSITIVE ("+") Pole:

Replace the dust cover, side panels and back panel. Plug the power cable back into the printer's power cable port, and turn on the printer. The fans should start working!

This part can be purchased from our website in the replacement parts section. Please note each printer model has it`s own section:

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