If you are having trouble getting good quality prints, a solution may very well be just a few print-setting-adjustments away! Simplify3D's technical support wanted to make everyone aware of a solution link that they provide for 23 of the most common print quality issues

In advance (and as our warranty states), Leapfrog 3D Printers is not responsible for damages caused by information provided in 3rd-party websites;  Simplify3D software is used by a wide variety of other make and model 3D printers. Therefore, the advise found in the following link should be used at the customer's own discretion and at their own risk.

So, without further delay, here is the link:


Who knows, you may find an answer to one of your own print quality issues. 

If you don't, we still love the attention here at Leapfrog too; feel free to browse our Solution Link Database or open a new ticket where one of our Technical Support Agents will gladly help.