You may find yourself in the rare circumstance where you will need to replace the print head housing on your Creatr HS. If that's the case, don't worry - we'll help walk you through how to quickly replace it. Let's get started....

NOTE: Some of the photos in this solution article are of a print head that is not mounted on a printer to help provide a better view the described steps.

Make sure the printer is turned off, to prevent shock and from damaging the parts of the printer.

First, remove print head bottom fan duct by wiggling it forward out of it's slot. It is not glued in, so with some effort, it should slide out of the bottom fan.

Disconnect the drag chain from the print head by carefully popping the drag chain end out of the drag chain mount.

Unscrew the front print head housing hex-screw using a size 3 Allan Key/Driver.

You should be able to lift the aluminum housing up and back to expose the print head PCB and the Top fan.

(If you are replacing the housing, the top fan, the print head PCB, or the bottom fan, these next steps - 5-9 - are for you.)

Unscrew the 4 screws holding the top fan connected to the print head housing. Your top fan can be disconnected from the print head PCB and replaced if necessary.

Unscrew the 3 screws holding the print head PCB in place. Take note that the riser for each of these screws keeping the PCB from pressing again the housing will come loose (under the PCB). You will want to keep up with those. If you are replacing the print head PCB, you will need to disconnect the connectors at this time (though it might be easier to unscrew the PCB by disconnecting everything first if this is the case).

(Again, this is a disconnected print head PCB simply to show you which screws to remove.)

If you are replacing the bottom print head fan, you will need to unscrew the 2 screws holding the fan to the bottom fan mount.

If you are replacing the print head housing, you will also need to unscrew the 4 screws located on the back, outer side of the print head holding the bottom fan mount.

You housing should be completely free to be replaced at this point.

To replace any of the parts mentioned, simply remove the old and screw in the new. Here are some images to show of all the wire connection on the print head PCB are to be configured:

Please take note how the ribbon cable is bent to properly store excess cable length:

When you're all done, line the print head housing up with the print head. The aluminum top might need to be slightly bent up to slide the housing forward, as the top fan has to be seated completely on top of the print head. This bending is okay, because you shouldn't have to access inside the print head on a normal basis. However, bending it too much will obviously damage the aluminum housing.

Also make sure that the wires from the extruder (the thermistors and the heat cartridges) are not sticking out the side of the housing but routed through the bottom of the housing. Otherwise, the housing will not close correctly.

The print head ribbon cable must be routed through the little grove in the right side at the top of the housing. This too will prevent proper closing of the housing, but this can also damage the ribbon cable wires.

Screw the front housing screw back in. You will have to pinch the housing down with your fingers while doing this.

Insert the fan duct back in the print head. If it looks like your fan duct has seen better days, you may want to take this opportunity to print a replacement fan duct. Here is a link on how to do that: Oh no! My 3D printed fan duct melted. What do I do?

Congratulations you have learned how to replace several parts on the Creatr HS print head!

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