NOTE 1: This is a temporary issue that will be fixed in one of the the next versions of Materialise. We understand that this is a tedious process for something that should be relatively easy to do. We thank you for your patience as we are always working to improve our products.

NOTE 2: This is for the current Windows version of Creatr Software (Materialise).

If you have a .GCODE file that you have saved for later use and prefer printing through Materialise, please see the following steps on how to print a saved/downloaded .GCODE filein Materialise.

STEP 01Find and open SubmitJob.exe:

(For many Windows users, you can get to this folder using this path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Materialise\BuildProcessorSystem)

STEP 02: With the Submit a Job window open, You will see the following fields:

  • Select 3D printer: Select your 3D printer model from the drop-down list (this will only show the printers that you have added to the Build Processor Manager).
  • Job type: You'll want to select 3D Build since we are printing the .GCODE file.
  • Job name: This is the name that you will see in the Print Queue in the following steps.
  • Job file(s): This is where you search for the location of the saved .GCODE file that you want to print. You will have to click the following button to the right of the filed to search for the file: 
  • Job Settings: Click this to see a few additional options (You will need to click this for the next step). 
    • Initially pause printing will wait for you to un-pause it before printing (this will give you time to change filaments or preheat the printer). If you are going to run through this process to stack several .GCODES in the queue, this is also a good reason to have this option selected.
    • "Remove job from queue when finished" keeps the print queue organized if you have multiple prints back-to-back.
    • "Configure 3D Printer" option also appears at the bottom.

STEP 03: Click the "Job settings" button to expand and click the Configure 3D Printer button. Now is a good time to start up your connection between your printer and your PC as well as set up other things:

Once everything is set up, click the OK button at the bottom to get back to the Submit a Job window.

STEP 04: When everything in the Submit a Job window looks similar to this, click the Submit Job button:

You should see a notification temporarily appear in your start menu (similar to the following image):

(This message will varry depending on if you set it to "Initially pause.")

The Submit a Job window will remain open for your convenience if you want to load more .GCODE files in the printer's print queue. If you are done, simply close out that window.

STEP 05: Verify the status of your print by opening the Build Processor Manager. You can search for this program in your start menu, or double click the little icon in the corner:


This will open your 3D printer list; select the Open Queue button at the top:

[NOTE: the printer status will not be "Offline" as in these images; they were merely made for the solution link.]

You may see your file down at the bottom at first if you selected the "Initially pause" option:

Once un-paused, the queue will process the file and then move it up to the "Build Jobs" category:

[This print is "Waiting" for the printer to change from "Offline" status; the print normally would begin printing.]

That's pretty much the process of loading a saved .GCODE file and printing it through Materialise's Build Processor Manager. 

We thank you for checking out our Leapfrog 3D Printer technical support solutions online! If you were unable to fine a solution in our database, please feel free to open a new support ticket by clicking the following link: I want to open a new support ticket.