Here's a quick "hack" to those of you that would like to lower your Creatr HS series printer print bed and move your print head out of the way so that you can clean/re-sticker your glass without having to connect to the PC's Manual Controls.

Attached to this solution article is a .ZIP folder with a Bed Lowering .GCODE file with one sole purpose: It tells your printer to lower the print bed and move the print head to the back of the printer. 

You can download it to a USB stick and run it just like you would run any normal .GCODE in Stand Alone mode. Obviously, it won't require you to preheat the printer, of course.

(Run the maintenance code in the USB Stand Alone menu option.)

NOTE: The code "Homes" the print head and bed first, so make sure that you do not have any printed builds (tools, soft drinks, etc. - kidding about that last part... sort of) left on the print bed when you run the code.

This feature is not requested enough yet for us to make it an actual Stand Alone display option, but we thought that it would be nice to offer.

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