Some of you have asked for the layout of the Creatr HS series Motherboard connections as well as the Olimex board connections. We aim to please, so here it is.

NOTE: Any modifications to your Leapfrog 3D printer in any way not explained in the manual or by Technical Support may cause you to void your printer's warranty. When in doubt, please feel free to contact Technical Support by opening a new ticket.

Creatr HS Series Motherboard:

Creatr HS Series Olimex Board:

The Olimex board's main purpose is to provide functionality to the font panel's Stand Alone display. However, The printer's ability to connect to a PC is routed through this board, so keep that in mind if you are reading this article to troubleshoot an issue.

(Note: The Olimex A20 is depicted here - seen on the big chip in the middle of the board):

(The A13 will have a cable adapter rather than the UART chip.)

Creatr HS Series Print Head PCB:

Why do we not include the Power Supply Unit's layout in this article as well?

The short answer is that we have a few sub-model differences with the PSU configurations that vary; we do not want to confuse customers that have different configurations. Also, this is a less troubleshot area of the printer.

In general:

  • Red or Brown wires should be on positive ("+") terminals.
  • Black or Blue wires should be on negative ("-") terminals.
  • Yellow/Yellow-Green wires are ground (sometimes called "earth") wires.

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