This solution article is in regards to Creatr 1.0 Windows version.

If you're new to the Creatr 1.0 software, you may come across an instance the program will not allow you to click the following button:

No Build Platform Loaded

The most common cause of this is from not loading the build platform properly.

One example if if you try to load a .STL file by selecting the Load Project button in the top left corner:

Though this prompts you for a .LBF file type, it does allow you to change the file type to a .STL.

The result will show your part but with no virtual print bed as seen here:

AND the Show/Hide Platform button will not be accessible:

If you have been loading your .STL's this way, you won't be able to gain access to the Print 3D button unless you load a build platform. If you've made the mistake by loading the .STL first, you can simply click the Change button in the Platform section:

The results:

No Printer Model Selected

When first installing Creatr 1.0, you were prompted to Add a 3D printer to your software.

You add printer models in the Build Processor Manager, the background program for Creatr 1.0.

Therefore, you can find out exactly which printer you have added to your software by accessing the Build Processor Manager. There are several ways to do this. The fastest way is to look at your Windows Taskbar - Notifications area in the bottom right corner, and double-click the Build Processor Manager icon that looks like this:

A second way is to search for Build Processor Manager from the Windows Start menu (or Search Field):

When you open this program, you will either see one of two things:

  •  A window that has no printer model added, prompting you to add a 3D printer:

    • Here you will need to click Add a 3D Printer.
    • Select your model from the list that appears.
    • Click Add.
    • Click Add in the next window.
    • And click Close when the software is done adding the printer model.
  • A window that has a printer model loaded:

    • Please just confirm that you see in your window the correct Leapfrog 3D printer model that you own.
      • If not, click it once to select it.
      • Click the Remove button at the top.
      • Click yes to confirm that you want to remove it.
      • Then Add a 3D printer (as stated above in this solution article).

(NOTE: Not having the correct model selected will still allow you to access the Print 3D button in the main user interface, BUT it will not provide you an "Edit Profile" button when you go to choose your profiles.)

You should be able to have access to the Print 3D button in Creatr 1.0.

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