Hello and thank you for choosing the Creatr HS for your printing needs.

In the following solution you will be presented on what drawbacks can appear in the print quality of a model when you try using the max printing speed of the Creatr HS in comparison to a normal printing speed;

1. The pictures below shows a example of models printed on the HS printer at a speed of 300 mm/s on the Creatr HS. As you can see the quality of the layers is not very good and this also affects the structural integrity of your model.



2. Now in the pictures below you will see a example of the same models printed on the same printer, using the same filament and settings but using a printing speed of 100 mm/s. As you can see the quality of the models improved drastically.


Please note that both tests were done using the default print settings as a base line and the only thing which was altered was the printing speed.

Indeed the first models which were printed at 300 mm/s were finished much faster but as you can observe the quality of the models had to be sacrificed.

Please keep in mind this factor when you slice your gcodes in the future.

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