The solution below will explain why the CmActLicence can appear in the Materialise software. 

This explanation comes directly from the support department at Materialise.

Magics 18 has been protected against piracy using codemeter from Wibu Systems.
In some cases in which the end user has some stricter local security settings the registration of the codemeter application can fail. To be able to run normally, Codemeter needs an exception to the firewall rules over port 22350.
As described by WIBU, CodeMeter communicates through TCP/IP over port 22350 (TCP+UDP). This port has been registered with IANA (ICANN) to be used by CodeMeter (
Of course, this doesn’t prevent any other application from using that port too.
 However, most firewalls are sophisticated enough to prevent this from being a security risk.
 Firewall rules can be defined in such a way that a certain port can only be used by a certain process (in this case it needs to be CodeMeter.exe), and the rule can specify for which IP range this applies (in this case, localhost, a special address that always points to the local computer).
- So if the firewall exception is configured as described above, it means no other process can communicate over port 22350 and that only communication can be done to and from that port on the local computer itself (so not from the internet, and not from other computers on the local network).

When codemeter is blocked by the firewall it can lead to Magics not being able to start or it can lead to a warning message like mentioned below.
 Please be aware that some anti-virus software packages also have the ability to restrict firewall settings.

Known software packages with which we encountered issues were Digital Guardian and F-secure.
 Though there might be some other packages as well causing the same problems.

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