Hello and thank you for choosing the Leapfrog Xeed for your printing needs.

In order to check the function of your Y and X limit switches please follow the instructions below:

1. Remove the top cover of your Xeed printer, in order to expose the electronics of the printer situated on the left side as you are standing in the front of the printer;

2. Next turn the printer on and manually press each switch and check if there is a re LED light turning on the motherboard:

  • First the X switch:



  • Next the Y switch:


3. If the LED lights turn one when you manually activate the switches then it means the wiring is proper.

We also suggest that you have a look at the metal lever of the switch and make sure it is not damaged or bent in any way as this could lead to serious issues down the line;

We thank you for checking out our Leapfrog 3D Printer technical support solutions online! If you were unable to fine a solution in our database, please feel free to open a new support ticket by clicking the following link: I want to open a new support ticket.