Hello and thank you for choosing the Leapfrog Xeed for your printing needs.

If one of your Z stepper motors has stopped working this i quite a serious matter and has to be addressed as quick as possible.

To that end please follow the steps below:

1. First remove the top cover of your printer in order to have access to the electronic board where your stepper motors are connected; Access to these connectors will be restricted but all you need to check is if the connectors are loose in any way or damaged:

2. Once you checked the connectors on the board the next step is to check the connectors in the stepper motors themselves:

  • Front left Z motor: - open the drive unit drawer and remove any filament spools as you will need room to access the connector:


  • Next is the front right and back stepper motors. The connectors for these motors are much easier to access:


If you find a connector which is loose please do reconnect it and check the motors by using the jog controls for the Z movement;

If a connector is damaged at either end please make sure to contact our support department as fast as possible;

A motor not working could be due to loose connector, a loose wire in the connector thus the signal from the mothreboard to the motor is not properly transmited or a damaged wire harness ( a kink in the wires which results in a interruption of the signal sent from the board to the motor)

We thank you for checking out our Leapfrog 3D Printer technical support solutions online! If you were unable to fine a solution in our database, please feel free to open a new support ticket by clicking the following link: I want to open a new support ticket.