This article helps people to get the latest profiles from Leapfrog downloaded directly into the Creatr 2.1 software program.

Make sure that your PC has a good internet connection.

Signs of no internet connection:


Open Creatr 2.1 software:

Select your printer model from the Printer Selection tab:

Next, select the Print tab at the top, and find the Edit profilesbutton:

This will open the Edit Profiles window:

Find the Update profiles button in the top corner. To the left of it, you'll see which OEM profile version you currently have. A red number above the Update profilesbutton indicates that there may be new profiles available. Whether you see a number or not, you should periodically check for update profiles.

Click the Update profiles button now:

If there are profiles to actually update, they will be added to the list of profiles on the left depending on which profile type they are (Material, Build Strategy, etc.). The OEM profile version will also update:

If you already have the latest version, you should receive a small window indicating such:

Important final step: click OK at the bottom right corner of the Edit Profiles window to save the updated profiles; if you click Cancel, you will not save these updates.

You're now ready to use the latest profiles provided by Leapfrog 3D Printers!

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