This solution article is to help those that are experiencing an error code in Creatr 1.0 Software.

Error -11

Materialise (the company) allows only 3 System ID's per purchased license. Therefore, some people have tried to install Creatr 1.0 Software on more than one PC. As you're installing the software on a PC, you're presented with a Register window that has a SYSTEM ID at the bottom. This system ID is specific to the your PC's hard drive and operating system; change either of these, and you change the system ID.

However, when you click the website link address to get a Key File, you are taken to a webpage. Once you enter your voucher and continue to the next web page, there are two fields at the bottom: one for your system ID and one for your e-mail address. Most people assume that the website has already entered the system ID from the current PC on which you're trying to install the software. By overlooking this, most clients move on and get a Key File, but when they try to use the Key File - they receive a message that says the file is corrupt.

Instead, simply try to get a key file again, but make sure that you copy and paste the system ID from the Register window into the website (do not just accept the system ID that the website provides), as seen in the following image:

Error -2

People usually see this error when they get all the way to the end and are either trying to print connected to the PC or perform the "Print to File" option. 

This error usually occurs when you buy a license for one model of printer but have set the Build Processor Manager. For example, the image above shows that the user has selected a Creatr Dual Extruder (see the model image in the top left corner) as their printer model when installing the software, even though the license is specifically for a Creatr HS model. If this is the case for you (in that you've accidentally selected the wrong printer model when installing the software), there is an easy fix. Please see the "No Printer Model Selected" section of the following solution article on how to select the correct printer model:

Materialise - What Might Cause the "Print 3D" Button to Not Be Accessible

License Server

If you receive an error regarding the License Server, please see the following solution article link:

What to do if Creatr 1.0 Cannot Connect to the License Server - Materialise

1.0 version and Windows 10 - Not Compatible

Though our website product information on the Creatr 1.0 software states that it's not compatible with Windows 10 yet, we still are getting a few clients that overlook this and purchase the software anyways. The only solution is for you to either wait for the Creatr 2.0 Software official release or to try our 2.0 BETA software until the official 2.0 is release. The 2.0 BETA does work with windows 10. To get the BETA version, you can contact Technical Support.


The good news is that both of the issues (as well as many more) are going to be fixed/non-existent in the Creatr 2.0 version. For example, Creatr 2.0 will not be Model license specific (so an old Creatr HS XL 1.0 license, will give you access to all print models). Though the license will remain valid for up to 3 system ID's, the system ID assignment to the voucher/license will be automatic. In addition, Creatr 2.0 will be compatible with Windows 10. If you'd like to keep updated on announcement of this Creatr 2.0 version, you can enter your e-mail address in the Newsletter field on our home page and click the Subscribe button.

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