Hello and thank you for choosing Leapfrog 3D for your printing needs. 

Please note that this procedure only applies for the Creatr HS/HS XL and Creatr Dual/Single/XL versions

In the following we would like to explain a few facts about the glass bed which is use in our leapfrog printers:

1. The glass is 100% tempered glass. This process is used in order to give the glass strength for cases when something is dropped on it by mistake. We do not want the glass to shater and cause injuries to you our customer so this is the reason why we use 100% tempered glass.

2. The moment you start tempering the glass it will actually contract which can cause it to have a uneven surface;

3. Please note that our Quality department inspects all of the glass beds before they are used in the printer and the max deviation value which is allowed is 0.15 mm. Any glass bed which does not meet the quality is removed from production.

So why if you meassure the glass bed on your printer you see that the max deviation may be higher that 0.15 mm?

We have noticed that during the shipping process and after a prolonged use of the printer the glass bed frame can accumulate quite a bit of tension. 

What can you do about this?

Well the procedure is quite simple. The glass bed is held in place and can be calibrated using the 4 thumb screws located at each corner. If you loosen the screws all the way and allow the bed to shift and settle you will in fact release all the tension (it could be that you notice when calibrating that the corners are actually lower than the middle of the bed and when your printhead moves to the center the nozzles start to scrape the surface) and then when you will recalibrate the bed you may notice that the level is much better.

So before considering that the bed is not flat and dreading the fact that you will need to replace the bed we kindly ask you to try releasing the tension in the frame and see if maybe this does not solve your problem.

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